KCP is in Shinjuku, the business, entertainment, and shopping center of Tokyo, but it’s off to the side in a quiet neighborhood. So you get both the extreme excitement of Tokyo’s busiest spot and a serene corner near several parks, all in your daily commute.

If you’ve ever thought of a career in Japan or study at one of Japan’s universities as a Japanese-speaking student, KCP has the help you need—from resume refinement and interview practice to special tutoring on your language weak spots and assistance with the rigorous college application process.

KCP is a Japanese school, run by Japanese people and staffed by Japanese—so it’s steeped in the Japanese way of life. And the teachers really know their way around. What better way to immerse yourself?

You’re with some other American students, but most of your classmates are from other parts of Asia and other countries. Since your only common language is Japanese, just by hanging out with your friends, you polish your Japanese. And you make great friends.

Class is very intense. In 11 weeks, you can earn more Japanese credit than you would earn in an entire year at your home school.

The culture-and-civilization course, combined with the dorm or homestay context and with the extracurricular clubs, all make for a varied blend of experiences that have you living the Japanese life every moment of every day.

KCP programs have five start dates a year, with four different term lengths. In fact, you can basically make your own program based on the start date you want and how long you study. It’s common for KCP students to decide to stay longer, because the experience is so valuable for them.

The cost of studying at KCP is very reasonable, compared to other opportunities—as low as half the amount. Financial aid and scholarships are readily available to those who qualify.

Teachers and staff at KCP are exceptionally dedicated and highly skilled at teaching you Japanese. They want you to succeed and do everything in their power to help you. Students rate them very highly.

and the number one reason:

For serious students who want your Japanese language ability to grow by leaps and bounds, and are ready to work hard for it, KCP will help you achieve your goal. Your success is our success. Let’s start this adventure together.


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Because I am a huge fan of research and spreadsheets, I created an excel worksheet comparing numerous Japanese study abroad programs by cost, housing, length of study, and many other comparison points. Overall, KCP came out superior based on the amount of things that you get for the price. After completing the program, I can say choosing KCP was a perfect decision. KCP is a real school — professional teachers, strict grading systems, textbooks – the whole package. KCP proved to be much more than I expected – the classes are tough, but it taught me how to work harder, build a work ethic, and I am coming out with many rich experiences thanks to KCP. This school truly prepares you for higher levels and entrance into Japanese colleges.

—Rachel Burch